Alexa Calkhoven

Software Engineering Student


About Me

Hello! My name is Alexa Calkhoven. Currently, I am pursuing a Software Engineering degree with a minor in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Calgary, set to graduate in 2023. I have a passion for learning, particularly with coding, and work in and out of class to better my skills. In the past, I have competed in numerous hackathons, attended conferences, and am currently working on several personal projects. I am known for being a hard-working student with a tireless drive to improve my skills and better the world around me. I am always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow while applying my current skills. Feel free to contact me by email or social media (check out the connect tab).



Software Development Engineering Intern, Summer/Fall 2021

I am completing my internship with the Worldwide Advertising Success Engineering team. We provide workflow management tools for internal advertising teams at Amazon. I am currently working on integrating Outlook into our web-app, increasing the productivity of our users.


Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2021

I completed my internship with the Bing Location Understanding Infrastructure team. Over 12 weeks, I worked on increasing the language support in our service from 20 to 52, improving an estimated 3.5 million queries per week. I also worked with Microsoft's datalake Cosmos and the corresponding querying language SCOPE to maximize the impact of my project.

iGEM Calgary

Dry-lab Developer, Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

I worked on the iGEM 2020 team as a dry-lab developer. I created tools to assist the wet-lab researchers with their synthetic biology research, as well as programs to supplement the project. I also led the Wiki development team. You can check out our Wiki and learn more about our project here.

The Popular. Company

Backend Software Developer, March 2020 - Nov 2020

I am helping develop the backend for this start-up's website. I, along with a team of developers, work in Java to create data analytics tools for businesses to understand their consumer base. Learn more about Popular here.

Schulich Ignite

Volunteer Mentor, Fall 2019

Led high school students through an introductory Java course by mentoring on a weekly basis for 8 sessions. This was a fantastic learning experience for myself, as it challenged me to explain coding in new and simple ways.

My Projects


Django, Python, React, Typescript

Second place overall out of 90+ submissions at CalgaryHacks 2021.
A web-application built with React and Django that uses Calgary Municipal open-source data and the Google Places API. Find users a nearby restaurant and west-facing bench to watch the sunset. Aims to boost actvivity at local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check it out here.

Job Hunter Application Tracking System


A comprehsenive database and REST API that allows job-hunters and recruiters to manage job-application data. Database was designed using entity relationship diagrams and relational models. The database tracks over 10 strong and weak entities, with several attributes and complex relationships. Built using ASP.NET's ORM, C#, and SQLite. Check it out on GitHub here.

BLM Timeline

Javascript, Typescript, React, HTML, CSS

A website created with React that visualizes recent events in the Black Lives Matter movement. Focusses on optimistic events to spread positivity. Check it out here.



An application created in Java that helps students stay on track one day at a time, while rewarding them for their achievements so far. Designed to support those struggling to be motivated during quarantine. Check it out on Devpost here.

Arduino Minutes Logger

C++, Arduino

An Arduino-Uno-build used to track minutes. I created this to be more aware of my time studying, and to develop good habits. I made a tutorial to show how I made this project, check it out on Instructables here.

Planet Defender

C#, Unity

A game created in Unity for the 2019 BCI Game Jam. This game uses an incredible brain-to-computer interface to allow children who have lost motor function to play video games. Check it out on here.



A program created with Processing used to model an app that finds the most eco-friendly path to your destination, rather than the fastest, using the A* algorithm.

Case Competitions

I have a passion for solving problems, and practice this through case competitions. You can view some of my submissions and pitches here.

Find more at my GitHub!

Case Competitions

Calgary Interprofessional Challenge for COVID-19 2020

This was a challenge to explore how COVID-19 alternate care facilities could be improved. Check out our pitch video here.

Calgary Interprofessional Challenge 2019

This was a challenge based around making the healthcare system more streamlined. Patient data can get lost and forgotten, leaving some waiting too long for treatment. My team won first for our project myTimeline. Check out our pitch deck here.

Modern Niagara 2019

This competition asked for a solution to the forest fire crisis in Jordan. Even the smallest of forest fires were threatening to burn down their small and precious forests. My team won second for our forest fire prevention and sensing project. Check out our pitch deck here.